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Apple Fuji (Imported) - 4 Pcs

  • ₹184

Apple Fuji (Imported) - 4 Pcs

  • ₹184

Fuji apples are firm, crisp, juicy, and are popularly eaten fresh. Cooking-wise, they're great for baking, given their ability to hold shape while being cooked. Curious about the history of the Fuji apple? It is a cross between two American apple varieties - the Red Delicious and old Virginia Ralls Genet apples. Imported Premium Fuji Apples contain between 9 - 11% sugar by weight and their flesh is denser, sweeter, and crispier than many other apples .

What makes Apple Fuji Premium?

Our Quality checked apples exude freshness with a full pink blush on a yellow-green background, with dull-white flesh, also checked actively for Brix Score of 14 or above so we ensures the right level of sweet with a perfect ripening stage making it ready to consume, a Premium Product in all aspects. 

What makes Apple Fuji special?


- Rich in Vitamin C - 7% of RDA

- Rich in Vitamin B6 - 5% of RDA

- Dietary fiber - 3.2 g


- Apple Fuji are fiber-rich and can help improve intestinal & gut health and improve bowel movements & digestion

- Vitamin C presence in apple fuji can help in building immunity & increase collagen production. It also helps to protect the body from environmental damage.

Best way to consume:

- Can be enjoyed raw or in cooking applications such as baking pies & apple chips, roasting & stewing. 

Country Of Origin:  South Africa