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Yellow Zucchini Diced - 200 Gm

  • ₹94

Yellow Zucchini Diced - 200 Gm

  • ₹94

- Sourced from Verified Partner Farms per our stringent sourcing guidelines

- Ozone - Washed to eliminate food germs & reduce pesticides, fungicides & herbicides

- Non - GMO

- Healthy Weight Loss: Contains High water content & is low in carbohydrates

- Freshly Cut, Made to Order & Hygienically Packed

- Average 15-18 cm in length. Slightly soft & firm texture with a mildly sweet flavor. 

- Can be stored in a paper bag & refrigerated for up to 1 to 2 weeks. Has a storage life of 2 days. Best consumed immediately.

What makes Zucchini Yellow Special?


- Rich in Vitamin C - 29% of RDA

- Rich in Vitamin B6 - 17% of RDA

- Dietary fiber - 1 g

Health Benefits:

- Zucchini is rich in water and fiber, two compounds that can promote healthy digestion by reducing your risk of constipation and symptoms of various gut disorders.

- Zucchini’s fiber may increase insulin sensitivity and stabilize blood sugar levels, potentially reducing your risk of type 2 diabetes.

How to enjoy Zucchini Yellow?

- Zucchini can be sautéed with sauteed, steamed, roasted, or braised with your favorite ingredients of choice.

- Zucchini can also make a healthy pasta substitute by spiralizing or slicing thinly lengthwise. Famously known as "zoodles".

- Zucchini can also be grated and used to make fritters and pancakes, as well as soup and fast bread.

- Fresh herbs like basil, parsley, and cilantro provide a nice touch to zucchinis.

Country Of Origin:  India