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Watermelon Kiran - 1 Pc (1.5 to 2 Kg)

  • ₹43

Watermelon Kiran - 1 Pc (1.5 to 2 Kg)

  • ₹43

- Sourced from Verified Partner Farms per our stringent sourcing guidelines

- Non - GMO

- Superfood: Watermelon is a diuretic and thirst quencher because it contains about 92 percent water.

- Kiran watermelons are smooth and dark green in color with a relatively thin outer skin. It has a vibrant pinkish-red flesh with dark brown-black seeds. Has a sweet & watery flavor.

- Watermelon can be stored at room temperature. Ambient friendly. If cut, can be refrigerated for up to 3 days. 

What makes Watermelon a superfood?

Watermelon is a refreshing fruit that is rich in vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamin C and A, magnesium, vitamin B1, B5, carotenoids, and lycopene. It has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in weight management.


Rich in Vitamin B6 - 25% of RDA

Rich in Vitamin C - 22% of RDA

Dietary fiber - 0.6g

Health Benefits:

- Watermelons are a good source of Vitamin A & Fiber that aid in healthy organ functioning & proper digestive tract.

- Lycopene antioxidant present in watermelons can help alleviate free radical damage.

Best way to consume:

- Watermelons can be consumed fresh or sprinkled with salt & pepper to enhance freshness.

- It can also be cut into cubes, wedges and topped with fruits, cheese or tossed into fruit salads.

- It can be blended into juices, smoothies or can be pureed and frozen into sorbets, granitas, & popsicles.

Country Of Origin:  India