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White Shimeji Mushroom - 125 Gm

    • ₹169

    • ₹175
  • image 3% OFF

White Shimeji Mushroom - 125 Gm

    • ₹169

    • ₹175

- Sourced from Verified Partner Farms per our stringent sourcing guidelines

- Non - GMO

- Superfood: They have anti-cancer properties, help in managing diabetes, and regulate blood pressure. 

- Average size of 5 to 7 cm in height. Pale, white & smooth caps. Sharp, bitter flavor when fresh. When cooked, the texture is crunchy with a buttery and nutty flavor

- Can be stored for up to 2 days in a refrigerator.



  • Rich in Niacin - 35% of RDA
  • Rich in Potassium - 12% of RDA
  • Dietary fiber - 2 g


Health Benefits:

-Shimeji mushrooms, which are high in dietary fibre, can also help to decrease cholesterol levels. The fibre boosts bile acid excretion while simultaneously lowering insulin levels in the blood.

-Shimeji mushrooms provide our bodies with a protein called Hypsin, which suppresses the action of ribosomes. This protein possesses antifungal characteristics that could aid in the fight against dangerous infections.


How to enjoy your White Shemji mushrooms?

-Cooking uses of shemji mushrooms include sautéing, braising, stewing, and roasting.

-Shimeji mushrooms can be used in a variety of recipes, including soups, stews, omelettes, noodle meals, stir-fries, rice dishes, flatbreads, and sauces.

Country Of Origin:  China